Campaign StopChildPorno Filter

In October 2015, Child Focus, with the assistance of a great many people on Twitter and Facebook, was able to put the spotlight on the “StopChildPorno Filter”. The filter has the ability to automatically detect and remove from the internet images of the sexual abuse of children while you are browsing. 

The website of the campaign,, has received more than 12.000 visitors and no fewer than 5.000 people tried to download the revolutionary filter.

However, during the downloading process they were shown this message: “As much as we’d love to, our current technology does not enable us to develop an automatic StopChildPorno filter. Images of the sexual abuse of children cannot be recognised and removed automatically. However, this doesn’t mean the fight against child pornography ends here. The real filter is you!”

The surfer was then invited to install the report button and report all images of child abuse circulating on the internet to Child Focus’ civilian hotline.

You can still download and install the report button in the Chrome appstore.

More info?

 ➥ Only available for Google Chrome. 

 ➥ When you click to install, the button will automatically appear in your browser toolbar. Simply click it to anonymously report child sexual abuse material to Child Focus’ civilian hotline.