Child Pornography

What is child pornography?

Although the Criminal Code uses the term "child pornography", we usually speak of "sexual abuse images of minors". The term "child pornography" does not reflect the gravity of the situation: child pornography is not pornography; the image is the result of sexual abuse suffered by real minors.


Civil Hotline

In 2002, Child Focus decided to set up a civil hotline for reporting such images. This fits the European Commission’s efforts to prevent illegal content on the Internet, and was thus created with the Commission’s support.

What is child pornography?

A definition of child pornography can be found in the "framework decision on combating the sexual exploitation of children and child pornography by the Council of the European Union".

Belgian Legislation

From Belgian regulatory point of view, we can refer to the Belgian Penal Code Art380ter and 383bis. These articles can be used in the fight against child pornography on the Internet in Belgium.

How can I help?

Help us fight child pornography on the internet! 

You can report the presence of any material found on the Internet and putting the integrity of children in danger, anonymously.


In October 2015, Child Focus was able to put the spotlight on the “StopChildPorno Filter” with the assistance of a great many people on Twitter and Facebook.

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